July 26, 2016

Private Client Services

NMS Capital’s Private Client Services and Wealth Management Group, provides Investment Advisory, Wealth Management, Estate and Insurance Planning services to Individuals, Families, Trusts and Corporations.

Wealth Management

Alternative Investments
Cash Management
Comprehensive Equity Management
Fixed Income and Derivatives
Insurance and Annuities
Investment Advisory
Retirement Planning
Real Estate Opportunities

Business Retirement Plans

We play an active role in the retirement plan market to help companies choose the right plan for their needs, select a provider, implement the plan, and monitor results. In addition to handling the logistics of setting up the plan, such as enrollment meetings and helping employees decide the right strategies, we also perform exceptional due diligence in choosing the investment options inside the plan.

Risk Management

If you realize the vital role life insurance plays in your overall financial plan, then you realize how important it is to have adequate coverage, and the right types of insurance in place to meet your goals. Without proper risk management strategies in place, the best laid plans can fall meaningless if the unexpected occurs.

We will perform regular reviews of your situation, recognizing events and "red flags" that may slip under your own radar, to help ensure your goals and current coverage are still aligned. If they are not, we are able to analyze the appropriate choices from multiple providers to help determine what course of action is in your best interest. We can then execute the plan, serving as the liaison between you and the insurance companies.

Estate Planning

Working with a team of trust attorneys, CPAs, and other estate planning specialists, we will guide you through the common pitfalls and challenges that are too often faced when wealth is passed on. Many clients choose options that will ensure a steady income stream to beneficiaries, decisions that may help avoid the squandering or rapid depletion of assets for those in need. We will help you design the right plan for your unique situation.