NMS Capital Advisors Announces Launch of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Advisory Practice Group

NMS Capital Advisors, LLC (“NMS”), a leading global-focused investment banking and asset management firm, today announced that it has launched a Cryptocurrency & Blockchain advisory practice group which will be led from NMS’ Beverly Hills and New York offices.

NMS’ Cryptocurrency & Blockchain advisory services will include: business plan drafting and creation, white paper structuring and preparation, initial coin offering (“ICO”) structuring and advisory services, marketing campaign design and management, technical platform design and implementation, regulatory and compliance advisory, reverse ICO advisory and capital raising services.

Gordon H. Einstein, Partner in the Los Angeles office of CKR Law, LLP and regarded Digital Currency and Blockchain Industry expert stated, “Especially with the SEC and other national regulators stepping up surveillance and enforcement with respect to token offerings which may involve securities, the need to engage properly qualified and highly-competent broker-dealers in the crypto and blockchain space has now become critical. There is simply too much paired opportunity and danger to be blasé about these matters. Given NMS’ stellar reputation and validated expertise, we welcome its public commitment to this market.”

“The current regulatory situation revolving around ICOs reminds me of the EB-5 Immigration Program landscape from a few years ago. There was very little regulation, a multitude of non-compliant un-registered broker activity, and of course, worse of all, investor fraud. As NMS was founded on the basis of being a solutions driven financial advisory firm, recognizing the void and need, we launched our EB-5 Practice Group in 2014. Since, NMS has set the standard for other broker dealers entering the EB-5 space establishing itself as a leading “go to” investment bank in EB-5 for issuers and individual investors. Similarly, I believe it is only a matter of time that all ICO and Blockchain stakeholders will recognize that compliance with securities laws is the only path forward and the need to avoid any consulting or advisory firm that is not associated with a FINRA regulated investment bank.” said Trevor M. Saliba, Founder of NMS.

An ICO is a type of fundraising in which startups or even established companies issue a digital currency, token or asset.

A blockchain allows untrusted parties to reach an agreement using a common digital history with no trusted intermediary. Private key cryptography is used to meet authentication requirements, and possessing these keys means ownership. These keys also allow a person to not have to share more information than they need to. The data in any “block” cannot be altered retroactively unless all the following blocks were altered as well. This would require participation of the network majority, and therefore blockchain is seen as extremely secure.